2018 Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design, Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
2015 Exchange in Latvia’s Art Academy, Riga.
2015 Bachelor in design, School of Art and Design Saint-Etienne, France.

Exhibitions & experiences

Nov 2018 Body design for performance stuck in my stomach like a fart by artist Lili Ullrich premiering at Queering the church event at Club Lourdes, The Hague, Netherlands.
20-28 Oct 2018 Grotesque Matter at Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show G18 during Dutch Design Week.
20-28 Oct 2018 Concretion column for The biggest living room in the Netherlands, curated by Tellurico and Molto Molto Fuori during DDW.
19 October 2018 ORME at Fashion Tech Expo #6 during Fashion Tech Week, Paris. 
2018 Silicone Carne for Homo Ludens Exhibition, during PASSAGEN Interior Design Week Köln, Germany.
2017 Exhibition of the project "ORME" in Pas Feutrés, exhibition at the Museum of Art & Industry, Saint-Etienne Design Biennial.
2016 Exhibition of the project "ORME" at FITE (Festival International du Textile Extraordinaire), Clermont-Ferrand, France.
2016 Internship at Sebastian Errazuriz Studio, New York, USA. 
2016 Exhibition of the project «Papillomatose» on the topic of Hybrid for the inauguration of the Taverne Gutenberg, Art center in Lyon. 
2016 Exhibition of the project «Petits tabourets» in the Inspirations Space Wild by François Bernard, Maison&Objet Paris. 
2015 Experimental space design in a culinary setting in partnership with the Paul Bocuse institute. Design and setting up of the ephemeral restaurant of Saint-Etienne Design Biennial. 
2015 Project «Le Miracle de Lascaux» exhibiting in Lire Aujourd’hui, for the 30th birthday of the book festival of Saint-Etienne.